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It is very common for a visa seeker to get confused while preparing for a visa application. There are so many different documents and requirements that it may get tough for you to do it yourself. We know, at times like this you could use some guidance and help to get you through this. Our experienced consultants will guide you through

One to One Information Session, Assessment of Personal and Professional Profile, Assessment of your Travel History, Finding the Right Set of Documents for You, Preparing and Formatting the Documents for Your Visa According to the Purpose of Your Travel, Inspect, Identify, Fix Any Possible Loops in the Documents That Might Reduce Your Chances of Getting the Visa, Address Your Previous Visa Refusals and Getting an Appointment at the Embassy.

Our consultancy services include:

1 . Studying Your Background & Travel History,

2 . Creating Checklist based on Profile Merit.

3 . Identifying Loop Holes and Eliminating those,

4 . Preparing Best Visa Application Approach.

  Service   Fee (BDT)
  Consultancy   10,000/-

*15% VAT will be applicable on Global Travels & Tours

Please Note: Our Consultancy Fee is excluding Logistics Fee, Visa Fee, VFS Fee, Translation & Notary, Asset Declaration, Travel Insurance, and/or other related charges. Our service is to properly guide you to prepare your visa application documents both in verbal & written forms.