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visiting offers reliable, easy, and secure document Legalization, Apostille, Translation, and Notarization services from all the Embassies in India. Legalization from any Embassy in India

Start your order by contacting us at or calling @ +8801610443388 (Hotline) to begin a consultation. We will take the time to understand your legalization/authentication needs and work with you step-by-step to ensure you get the right documents in a timely fashion. Please note, the final price for your order will be determined by the type of documents, procedure of the embassy, and the steps required.

Legalization is a process of document authentication observed by international governments. If you intend to use a document overseas then local authorities require it to be legalized/authenticated before it can be considered valid. Each country has its own legalization requirements determined by the type of document being legalized and its intended use. Legalization from any Embassy in India

Legalization from any Embassy in India

Below are the common documents that may require legalization. The list is not comprehensive and can include more documents: Legalization from any Embassy in India

  1. Certificate of Origin (for Exporters)
  2. Business Invoice
  3. Business contracts
  4. Export documents, such as Export License or Exporter Declaration.
  5. Power of Attorney
  6. Adoption papers
  7. Marriage Certificate
  8. Marriage Affidavit
  9. Birth Certificate
  10. Educational Certificates & Mark-sheets
  11. Medical documents
  12. Certificate of Free Sale

Legalization is a multi-step process. A document to be considered as genuine & valid must be duly notarized by a Notary Public and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangladesh. Depending on the document’s type, it may need to be: Legalization from any Embassy in India

  1. Attested by the Chamber of Commerce (for business documents)
  2. Attested by the Education Board followed by Education Ministry (for Educational Certificates & Mark-sheet).
  3. Attested by the Foreign Ministry of Bangladesh for personal documents (Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Marriage affidavits, etc.)

The Applicant / Company needs to prepare all the supporting documents and submit them at the Global Travels & Tours(GTT) office with the applicable Fee for further process. visiting!™ will not be held responsible for any documentation mistakes or wrongly representation submitted at our office.

Ready to get started? We can help. Email us at with your detailed requirements. Out legalization team will respond to your query based on the service you ask for. Please note that the final price for your order will be determined by the type of documents, the procedure of the embassy, and how quickly you need them.

Service Fees: Our Logistics Fee for the first 5 documents/Seal is BDT 25,000/-. From 6th documents/Seal, an additional BDT 2,500/- will be applicable (per document basis). Documents Attestation from Bangladesh High Commission is BDT 500/- per document/seal. The Legalization Fee will be applicable based on the documents’ type and Embassy.

If the embassy asks for any original additional documents, later an amount of BDT 5000/- shall charge as courier fee to send documents for further process. Also, after the legalization/authentication is done, if the applicant/company needs to send the documents from India to the desired country directly, then an additional courier fee of BDT 6,000/- (subject to change) shall be borne based on the destination country.

Processing Time: Global Travels & Tours(GTT) Logistics period is 7 working to & fro India. Documents’ processing time completely depends on the Embassy, considering their weekdays & weekends. Also, if you need to send any documents from India to your desired destination(s), the global Travels & Tours(GTT)’s Logistics time may vary depending on the Final Destination.